European and Australian models are modified to comply with local general legislation.

In Europe legislation will vary from country to country. Instead of customizing per country BRP adjusts the Spyder to the most restrictive laws and sells the same modified model across Europe.

One of the modifications is having the auxiliary lights installed and using them as low beams. Bulbs are still there in the main headlight cluster but they will work only as high beams.

In my country (Portugal) it's OK to have the low beams on the same place as the high beams, which is the main headlight cluster. There's also no problem in having switchable auxiliary lights.

Having auxiliary lights as low beams really shortens the light distance and worst I got the feeling sometimes that cars ahead did not see me because the lights where too low.

So I've modified my Spyder back to it's "original" setup (and swapped for LEDs) like it is sold in the US and Canada.

Took some pictures in the process and made a tutorial, so here it is, it might help others.

Be sure to check if this mod is legal in your country.

Here's the tutorial:

Also available on the european facebook group: