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    Default 2018 Spyder RTL usb pigtail missing


    Just took delivery of a 2018 Spyder RTL, manufactured 02/14/2018. It was used, 336 miles.

    Problem is I can't find the USB/AUX pigtail that is supposed to be in the Frunk. When I look where I think it should be I see hole in the frame and no cable. See Pics.

    I'm not quit certain what to do next.

    I have a Tom-Tom Motorcycle GPS. I think I am going to use it instead of the BRP Connect + Smartphone for GPS with a Bluetooth Motorcycle headset.
    Am I correct that I don't need the BRP Pigtail?

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    the wiring is on the left hand side of the battery box and comes up through the oval opening that is in the picture, it then flows through the slit in the frunk cover, the dealer forgot to pull it out when the did the pre delivery inspection. Not hard to do should only take a few minutes at most. the wiring is there and complete just needs to be pulled up through the opening

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