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Here is my conversation with Amsoil on the subject. I am not necessarily impressed with this answer. I am not saying it is not correct. I am sure the Amsoil MCF oil recommended will work very well, just as it has in the Spyder engines. But this answer seems a bit disconnected and circular to me. I am also a bit disappointed in the lack of reasons as to why this answer is given.

This may simply be the safe answer. I am OK with safe answers. And I understand why the safe answer may be in Amsoil's best interest. But I also like 'Out of the Box' possibilities, when they apply. Plus there is always the possibility that my disappointment may lie in the fact that I did not get the answer I expected. I will let you be the judge on this one.

Original Question to Amsoil
Ron Athon
Can-Am has just come out with a new 3 wheeled vehicle called the Ryker. The Ryker uses a water cooled engine, as does the Spyder. But the Ryker has a CVT which is separate from the engine and uses gear oil. So the Ryker does not have a wet clutch or transmission utilizing the engine oil, as does the Spyder. Yet BRP/Can-Am recommends the same 5w-40 blended oil which is (Unnecessarily) JASO rated for the Ryker. My question is, would a lubricant such as the Signature, XL or other engine lubricant have an advantage over a lubricant engineered for transmission and wet clutch duties in this case? I know there are friction modifiers in engine only oils which cannot be used in wet clutch applications. Thank you.

Evan Kovala
Technical Services Representative
Using the Signature Series or XL oils will not have any advantage in this application and are not recommended. Can Am is still recommended an oil with the correct wet-clutch specification and friction characteristics.

Ron Athon
So you would recommend a wet clutch + transmission engineered lubricant be used in an application where there is no wet clutch or transmission? Interesting. My customers have been using the MCF 10w-40 oil in their Spyders, which do have a need for wet clutch & transmission lubrication. I am surprised that you recommend this same oil for the Ryker, where it need lubricate the engine only.

Evan Kovala
Technical Services Representative
AMSOIL recommends the 10w-40 Synthetic Metric Motor Cycle Oil, product code MCF.
So, there you have it folks. Short and sweet!
BajaRon, Sarge707, Highwayman2013, and all others who understand and have a need for this important information. Thanks Ron for the contact information to Amsoil and their responses. You did above and beyond to help us Ryker owners try to find the best oil to use in our unique machines. I believe, soon or later, one of us will figure this out. I "tip my hat" to you sir. cueman