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    Default How are your fenders looking?

    Are the fenders on your Spyder looking a little weathered?

    Do they have scuffs and scratches?

    Based on your feedback we have created some really cool fender kits (front and rear) that can really set your bike off and cover up some of those unsightly scratches.

    Fender Options Photo.jpg

    See our full line of fender kits here:
    Phone: 814-838-6377

    See our latest Spyder projects here.

    If you have a project idea for your Spyder please contact us and we will do our best to help.

    Visit our Website here:

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    Default Very Nice....

    If mine were not already pin-stripped I could go for them...Look great good luck should be a nice market for them....
    Gene and Ilana De Laney
    Mt. Helix, California

    ​2012 RS sm5

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