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    Default F3 Limited Passenger Foot Rest to High

    I haven't posted for awhile but I am getting ready to purchase a new Spyder and I would like the F3 Limited I think. My wife and I test drove one last year and she didn't like the passenger foot rest. She said she felt like her knees were to high. The foot rest needed to be lower. We have ridden our 2011 RT many miles and she has always been comfortable but they are adjustable from the factory. Is there any way to lower the passenger foot rest? Adapters or anything. From looking at the photos it looks like on the right hand side you wouldn't be able to lower them very far or your heel would be very close to the exhaust. If not we'll probably go with another RT just because she is more comfortable. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default 3rd peg

    Lamont makes a third peg, which can be adjusted aft for your situation. See Lamontsters garage link.
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    Default top case

    Spyder Pop has an extender to move the top case back a few inches which might give your passenger a more comfortable leg position.
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