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    Default Frunk release button

    Hi, i have a 2012 can am spyder and my button to release my frunk has stop working, any ideas as to why and could it be a easy fix
    Thanks, Candygirl
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    Default BUTTON

    It might be the switch. But you can also open the frunk by pushing in the key and turning to the right . This should release the cable.
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    Default Frunk release

    I'm guessing you have a solenoid powered release mechanism .... however if you can't get it open using the normal key method something may become dis-connected .............. Mike

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    Candy Girl, Is your engine running when you're pressing the switch? Have you tried the push down with one hand while pressing the button with the other?
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    Default Test the system

    There is a micro switch near the top of the frunk on the right side that may be out of adjustment. Test it by doing the following:
    1. Open the frunk by using the key.
    2. Locate the micro switch and hold it down.
    3. Turn the key on.
    4. Press the frunk release button on the dash.
    You should hear the solenoid activate and the latch move. If this is the case, then all you should need to do is bend the micro switch lever up slightly. When the frunk lid closes, it will active the micro switch and allow the system to function.
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    Not only are the micro switches a bit precious about their location being exactly correct, but also the switches up on the dash are renowned for failing or losing their ability to operate 'reliably' as well!! All the info above might help if the micro switch us the issue, but if it's the switch itself not passing suitable current 99 times out of 100 (which is what mine and a heap of others here in Aus do!) then you either replace the switch, find an alternative replacement, or live with it as is!!
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    Once you have the Frunk opened up manually: take a look at the micro-switch and the tiny little arm that sticks out from it.
    (At the top of the opening, and on the right-hand side...)
    If that arm has been bent out of alignment (and they do!!); it'll prevent things from working.
    Just make sure that it sticks out nice and straight from the switch.
    Good luck!
    Help is on the way. Until then...

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