Hey PACIFIC NORTHWEST Spyder Ryders and possible future Spyder Ryders. Several says ago I received the following posts from Motorcycle Training Inc. (MTI) (located in Richland Wash.). MTI announced that they are in the process of receiving four new Cam Spyders. They have been selected by BRP to conduct Spyder Ryder training. At present there are two classes scheduled. In the past I have work with several of the MTI personnel and have been impressed with their knowledge and skills.
As a side note, in 2009 my wife and I took the Washington State DMV three day trike training class at the cost of $150.00 each. So the $75.00 is a bargain. Let’s get the word out to all of the Spyder Ryder family’s.
For more information check out MTI’s FB home page (Motorcyle Training Inc.) or website www.motorcycletraining.ws.
Posts from MTI:
• I was going to wait until we took delivery, but Can-Am let the cat out of the bag!
We are pleased to announce that MTI and Can-Am have an agreement in place to provide us with 4 new Can-AM Spyders to use as loaner rigs! In addition Can-Am is providing the class to you for $75.00! Simply visit their website https://can-am.brp.com/spyder/learntoride.html and read about their program!
Our 3-Wheel classes will use the current SIdecar/Trike Education Program (S/TEP curriculum). As such, the class teaches about all 3-wheel types, so it is not going to Spyder specific.
I will post here when we get classes on the Can-Am website so you can take advantage of this deal.
• Can-Am has placed two classes on their schedule for Spyder Training in the Tri-Cities!!!
You may click on Shop Now, or visit our website at www.motorcycletraining.ws . Click on the Spyder Banner and you will be taken to the Can-Am Training website!
Be the first to sign up!!!!!

Motorcycle Training, Inc. - Motorcycle Training Inc.
Welcome to Motorcycle Training Inc. The 2018 training season is right around the corner! Our class schedule through May is posted and ready for registrations. Soon we will be offering Can-Am Spyders for use in trainig through the Can-Am Training…

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