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    Default Best Dealer Dirty Deeds Power Sports

    To me service is the way to a good dealer. I have worked in the mining equipment industry and realize that without good service you do not survive. I have nothing but good words for "Dirty Deeds Power Sports" in Longview Texas, they go beyond expectation when it comes to service.

    I recently had a situation where my bike had a DESS failure and the bike would not start. The dealer replaced the DESS unit as well as the key switch and had my bike running in no time, like i said good service; another instance was when I needed brake pads and they gave me same day service.

    I recommend this dealer for all your CAN-Am, yamaha, and ATV vehicles. the sales and service staff are well trained and will help you in any way possible to make things work for you.

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    Thanks & close enough for a visit

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    brake light strips, wide vue mirrors
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    Lid lox
    sawblade mowhalk fender accents
    minispyder dash toy
    GENSSI ELITE LED H4 headlights
    FLO (Frunk Lid Organizer)
    BRP fog lights, trailer hitch & 622 trailer (with its own list: Spyderpops Lighted Rear Bumpskid, LineX protection on sides, led trim lighting amber front& red rear, stand& tongue handle)THX Cruzr Joe!
    (pics in album)
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    I could not agree more, Service sells. I founded the N. American operations for an Israeli company, and I built it based on service to the dealers and the end users. We hired the best, we were committed to each employee cross training to learn the skills of the others to some degree, everything was built and structured for the customer. We were covering our operational expenses and returning very large returns to the parent company within four months and continued to grow,

    Later Directors, started saving money, then adding more office help and administrators with a lot more internal focus. Things are not going as well.

    If you focus on your customer, an outward vision, then you won't need to worry about the profits, they will come to you. Let the bean counters run the show and it all becomes an internal focus.

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    Default Good to know...

    Always good to hear about the good ones as we seem to be losing a few along the way here..
    Gene and Ilana De Laney
    Mt. Helix, California

    ​2012 RS sm5

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    Service does indeed sell. Hope those dealers that could use improving get the message. If they don't--we will be reading their obits.

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