hello spyder folksters ! had a ride too Madison Indiana today sunday , saw 2 spyders on the river road side , we were at the stop sign ,you 2 were coming up from the drive along the river , { I think I have seen these 2 cycles in the Scottsburg area on highway 31 before } also a great looking red r-t spyder looked to be in the 2015 or newer model , riding down main street -------- ALSO A CAGER , WHO DID NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO TRAFFIC OR WHO WAS AROUND --- we pulled out of side street ( I think broad street to main street , we had the green ) we were in front , a harly trike 2nd and a 2 wheel Harley 3rd , a ding-a-ling cager pulls out from a parked position , on main , not 4 car lengths from the red light intersection -------> not only pulled out but did a friging U-turn right in front of our cycle we could see his back seat real plain { white 4 door dark interior , stupid white guy driving , no clue what was going on and not 1 mile down the road 2 more u-turners in the main street drag when did we stop giving driving classes ? glad to be out of Madison for today ... first time we have had that happen in that town it is usually a great place too drive a cycle { well enough of my tirade } glad we had a day for riding !