Spyder Lovers of Michigan

June 24, 2017

29 present…largest group ever.
Steve opened with blessing for safe travels to and from home.
OLD: update on Valcourt and SE Ohio rides.
T-Shirts—will make a new order when we have at least 24 shirts to order. To find styles and costs go to our FB page. On my laptop I see “files” on the left side of the page; click on “Spyder Lovers keysport t-shirts.doc”
On my IPAD under the three dots … I see “more” ; click more, the click “view group information” Then click “files.” Finally click “Spyder Lovers Keysport t-shirts.doc”
Patches. Still have some available at $3 each plus a bike decal given by Jerry Garcia.

Charity Rides:

Ride for Kids July 30
REGISTER TO RIDE http://pbtf.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id...y#.WPvTrvkrJ0w

August 5th A Heroes Legacy

http://aheroslegacy.com/ http://aheroslegacy.com/ride.pdf
Your entrance fee will be your donation. If you are not attending but want to donate, please use the paypal link on that page.

Spyder Rides:
August 4-7 First Anniversary Ride Black Lake, Onaway, MI
Aug 17th Spyder Rendezvous Johnson Creek, WI
Oct. 11-15 Spyder Adventure Rally in Maggie Valley, NC
*Jerry Garcia posted on FB page other rides open for the rest of the summer.

EVENT: I was contacted by Town & Country Powersports and asked if we would be interested in an event with them. The details have not been given to me yet. It will be in Cement City by Town & Country Powersports. There will be a band and free food. The purpose is that they get new clients and business near them. I will give you details when I get them.

Questions: We were asked if we could send out members email addresses/phone numbers so if we were in their area, we could contact them and meet up to ride. Perhaps we could, but that might be giving out information someone doesn’t want to share. Instead, if there is someone you want to email, click on their name, which should take you to their personal FB page and send a private message. That will be quicker than email. I know FB files can get hacked and I wouldn’t want your information to be stolen.

Perhaps you guys/gals should share information among yourselves and it is with your own permission. If you don’t have one of Steve’s spyder cards, ask me for it.
Maybe make some labels ( cut apart and keep backing on them) or make your own business cards to share with one another.

Can I still get t-shirts? YES, when we get at least 24 shirts to order, we will ask for your money and order them. Don’t send money until we ask, please.

We still Spyder Lovers, Michigan Chapter patches. $3 until these are gone.

Next meeting: July 22.