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    Default Have you tried?? ***merlin's blood wheel cleaner*** by tire grafixx

    tire grafixx is introducing the best rim cleaner (WE'VE SOLD OVER 4,000 BOTTLES as of 2018) available making cleaning your bike,car,truck the easiest ever. theres no scubbing or pretreating and the dirt washes away leaving a cleaner and brighter rim this cleaner is amazing watch the videos and see for yourself. the cost will be 15.00 per bottle 16oz or 2 for 25.00 plus shipping costs. this is the only size for now we will expand as demands are requested. this cleaner is from the UK and it's not available in any store and i'll be the sole distributor for them here in the states and canada. I've made some videos there not the best I mostly did them by myself so cameras a little shaky sorry about that but I think you will get the picture of what this product does it is totally awesome stuff. you will notice in the videos that this rim cleaner doesn't run off the rim and end up on the ground like a lot of other tire cleaners do although this stuff isn't a gel it clings to the rim and works on breaking up the dirt and at the same time turning colors from white to a deep red purple.theres 5 videos here please watch and enjoy. also check us out on facebook please share and like. I've gotten some feedback on the garden hose method it seems to work quite well recommendation is leave it on longer before hosing it off. to order some of this great cleaner please email me at we take paypal.
    WE now have a website for easy ordering Please go to

    Merlin's Blood is a fast acting fallout remover that quickly breaks down and bleeds away embedded contaminants from the paintwork and the wheels.
    Cleaning A set of wheels literally takes minutes!
    Merlin's Blood is a must have in any car cleaners arsenal as it is a very effective and safe product and can be used on all wheel types, if unsure then do a test spot.
    You will struggle to find a wheel cleaner that is as effective as Merlin's Blood whilst being as safe, (ph6) most strong wheel cleaners are normally high in alkaline or high in acid but Merlin's Blood comes in the PH Balanced zone so rest assured that you are buying a scientifically advanced product and not just a strong chemical.
    -Shake well before using
    -Spray on to either the paintwork or the wheels
    -allow to sit for 4-5 minutes.
    -Contaminants will start to bleed when breaking down.
    -Use a pressure washer or high stream on garden hose to rinse Merlin's Blood from vehicle.
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