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    Hey people, I recently moved to northern IL just southwest of Rockford. I'm looking for the best dealer to do my maintenance and I also need a rear tire. Please give me recommendations for dealer and tire.

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    im in mt morris. check with loves park motorsports. they are in roscoe
    ill. doug is the part manager. tell him i told you to call. ph-815-636-7636.
    if you have ?,s call me at the shop 815-734-4033--irvin toms.
    there are a few spyders in this area.
    not knowing what you have, cant recommend a tire but i have a
    altimax waiting for the rear of mine. loves park will mount them, i was
    told.lots of info about that on this forum.
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    vibration damper, rock guard, and side case stiffener kit,
    . brp comfort seat. , fomozas and
    altimax, magic mirror mts, and wide mirrors.
    [joyce & irvin toms]

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