The OTB is going to be an experiment of sorts of what to do with "good" Off Topic post.
Please read and abide by these rules.

There will be Zero Tolerance for political post here.
All such post will be deleted without explanation. If you choose to ignore this rule repeatedly you may lose your membership on this site.

All OT post will be moved from the General Spyder board to the OTB
There are some really great OT post on our boards but seems they have a habit of taking over the General Spyder board from time to time. This gives you a place to post OT type post instead of the General Spyder board.

Personal Attacks will not be tolerated
Nothing wrong with a little banter but personal attacks will not be tolerated and isn't worth losing your membership over. Keep it fun and keep it clean and try and show respect toward each other.

This is still a Worksafe and Family Friendly Board
No links, pictures or content that would be considered sexual in nature. There have been guys on our boards that almost got fired because of these type of post, please keep that in mind.

This board is just an experiment
I may take this board down today, I may take this board down next week. My hopes are that I have spelled out the rules clear enough so that this board is not going to be just another headache for me. If it is it will be gone. I may add to the rules at any time as I see fit. I will not explain why I removed a post to you. If a post was removed it was for a good reason and chances are you didn't see why. I don't have time to edit post so even if most of the post in a thread are fine I still may pull the whole thing. Make this easy on me guys and this can be a fun place for you.