Okay, since there was some controversy on the name and patches, we are going to extend the entry on the patches till 11:59pm Sunday night 1/29, then have Belinda set up the poll again.
This way we can add some of the new ideas into the poll, along with the added or changed name on the patches to Spyder Lovers.
I am sorry for the confusion but just trying to be fair to all. I know this is dragging on, but we can get it done.

If you would please email all the patch designs to Belinda's email address belindadean@hotmail.com that would make it easier for her to put the poll together.
All pic files have to be less than 2meg.

We could choose 2 designs in case someone wants more than one choice. If this is too costly we will just go with the one with the most votes.
Choose 2 of your favorite patches when the poll goes up. Choose only 2 or your vote will be invalid. We will keep this vote up until February 15. Then I'll announce the two winners. After that, we will see what the costs are and let you know at the Feb 25 meeting.
If you know of a digitizer / designer please send me contact information; unless you want to take care of getting the estimates.
Vote by clicking the box in the upper right corner of the 2 patches you would like to have made.
One other note: September 24, 2016, we voted to call our group "Spyder Lovers of Michigan" so the winning patches will have to be edited to indicate the name.

Also, I will be duplicating posts about meetings etc, on here, as well as the SpyderLovers.com , Michigan website for those that don't do FaceBook that much, so bare with me.