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    I used tire for some research, amazon...

    I used tire for some research, amazon for some reviews but mainly here is where I looked for advice especially too see who recommended what tire the most. The Altimax was the name brand I’ve...
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    I just put the Altimax RT43 tire on my 2012 RS...

    I just put the Altimax RT43 tire on my 2012 RS Sm5, it has the sport fender on and it has so much room I could definitely go taller. The Altimax is so much smother than the Kenda, question would I...
  3. Two brothers exhaust

    Sorry for this late reply, I found it on EBay I know eBay has a lot of fakes but in this case it was a great deal and came in within a few days.
  4. Called Yoshimura

    I did call Yoshimura up, explaining the situation and they were happy to give me a quoste and shipping. I have already purchased and received the exhaust within 2 days of ordering (wasnít expecting...
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    2012 RS SM5

    I know someone posted on this once, but they also said 2013-14 wasn’t probably interchangeable, but what about the 2013 RSS/ST to a 2012 RS sm5 handlebar swap? It would be nice to use the center...
  6. Thank you for the phone number

    Oh man i thought someone had done something to the bike, possibly put a live round lol the bike did have a tendancy to pop and backfire a bit like a super bike would. I actually asked the dealership...
  7. My Yoshimura went boom, 2012 Can Am Spyder RS SM5

    Friday 09/28/2018 was an interesting day, after a long day working it was 1:30pm and time to head home. I entered the I17 heading south to the 101 here in AZ, as I passed Thunderbird RD, and near...
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    Run flats on a 2012 RS Spyder

    The Altimax tires look fantastic I wonder if they would fit my 2012 Spyder RS with a good fit and not rub the fenders, but has anyone found and put on run flats for the front and rear tires? Any...
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    Thank you very much I appreciate it, I was trying...

    Thank you very much I appreciate it, I was trying to find it and tell the Can Am techs here at the shop I use where it was located they didnít believe it was around or was even attached Iíll be...
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    Does anyone know if the 2012 RS Sm5 has an sae...

    Does anyone know if the 2012 RS Sm5 has an sae connection near the front right shock, supposedly zip tied in that general area and possibly a picture of its location?
  11. Thank you for the insight on powerlet

    I appreciate you leading me to the powerlet site, Iím going to buy the low profile panel socket/outlet kit just curious if the computer is in the front how long of a kit did you buy? Iím looking at...
  12. Thank you wyliec

    :bowdown:Thank you for the info, ill look into that as well, i have a ram ball that is stuck to the right side handlebar replacing the 2 screws on the housing of the throttle, i wish i could have 4...
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    Welcome this is a fantastic place

  14. Battery tender usb port phone charger

    Has anyone tried to attach this to the battery tender port under the rs sm5 seat by chance? I was going to try attaching one of these and get the flat cable for an i phone that about 3-6 ft long,...
  15. Thank you both

    Thank you Ann and Igetaround, I appreciate it hopefully I can fiend a good upgrade or possible bars like renthals which can help a bit, but also has anyone found a way to power a phone on the RS I...
  16. Thank you

    Thank you for the welcome, and by the way the Do's and Dont's for spyder riders is a fantastic read, had i not seen that post I would never have known and constantly have been worried about the high...
  17. Hello everyone, slightly new 2012 RS Sm5 ryder

    Good afternoon, evening, and hows everyone today? I hope everyone is doing well, I have been ryding my spyder for almost a year now, bought a black 2012 RS Sm5 used with 1150 miles. This is a great...
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