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  1. Thanks! I ordered the Mutaza bags. Now hubby...

    Thanks! I ordered the Mutaza bags. Now hubby would like to communicate with someone who has done their own install. Got contact info?
  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info! After the input, I ordered...

    Thanks for the info! After the input, I ordered the Mutaza bags! Yay!:yes:
  4. Thank you!

    Thank you!
  5. Newbie confused about what kind of hard saddlebags& brackets to get and from where?

    Iíve read through the posts here and see Corbin and Givi brands mentioned. Corbin is a reputable brand for custom work, but how about budget friendly in basic black on my yellow bike? And I saw in...
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    Ellisville MS

    [QUOTE=nslowmotion;1280052]The wife and I live in ellisville. she rides with me but she is in the process of breaking out on her own

    Hubby and I live just a few minutes from Ellisville. Would be...
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    Any other lady riders in HattiesburgLaurel area?

    Any female riders in this area? I don't know other gals who ride in this area. ☺️😩
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    Trailer towing mirror / pet carrier

    Need mirror so I can see the pet carrier that I will have strapped to passenger seat. Advice? Recommendations? Experience? I am uncomfortable not knowing if my fur baby is having issues behind my...
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