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  1. FS: If someone wanted to purchase just the bike and...

    If someone wanted to purchase just the bike and not the trailer, I would remove the hitch and sell it and the trailer second. I don't think I want to sell the trailer first though. If you or anyone...
  2. FS: 2010 Spyder RT/S SE5 and matching RT-622 Trailer

    Audio convenience package, cruise, AM-FM-NOAA-iPod-Aux. Power windshield. Aux lights. Heated Grips front and rear. About 27.5K miles. Sale includes matching RT-622 trailer. Newer filters, oil and...
  3. Thread: Arachnid Tires

    by k_teven

    Is this the tire you folks were talking about? I...

    Is this the tire you folks were talking about? I was contemplating putting them on my 2010RT. My front Kendas are at about 25.6K and really need replacement!


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    Random Stalling?

    I think this is my first question to the forum so I will try to do it right and not droll on..

    I have a 2010 RT/SE5. Odo shows around 25K miles now, had about 16K on it when I purchased it. I...
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    No Sound?

    I bought a used 2010 RTS that had the Garmin mount pictured here, already installed. The previous owner kept the device though. I purchased a replacement unit and connected it to the mount. The...
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    Garmin GPS sound not coming through speakers

    I bought a demo 2010 RT-SE and it had the Garmin mount already on it. I assumed that the connections were all OK and I purchased a new 660 on-line from a shop in California. I attached the unit to...
  7. What do I really need for a decent bluetooth setup?

    @Lyonsden - Thanks for all the information you have put in here on this subject. I know it has been a while but I just got my RT and I'd like to explore the bluetooth options myself. This bike had...
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