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  1. SOLD to Randal in Mississippi

    Congrats to Randal. He got a great bike for an even greater price. :yes:
  2. Spyder F3s FOR SALE

    Still a great buy for a great bike
  3. If I knew what I know now before I bought it...

    I would have held off on the trailer hitch and bought a larger windshield. That's something I've noticed about long trips. The wind just beats me to death and tires this old man out faster. :agree:...
  4. Low mileage is relative

    Sorry, I thought I had put the mileage in my Spyder For Sale post. It was 4500 miles when I first posted the add on Craigslist. Then for some reason it got left off when I put the ad on SL. Now, a...
  5. Spyder F3S for Sale

    Low Miles? Not sure what that is? Could you elaborate:sour:
  6. F3S - FOR SALE, still

    Hey - anyone looking to upgrade? Check out my F3S Spyder info on previous post.
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    Trailerhitch etc also sells an axel bolt hitch and harness

    Did you check with Trailerhitch etc.? They are in Canada and their web site is not very helpful but they sell a hitch which is similar to the one you have that works with the axel bolt not just the...
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    Great Thread, Dan

    Your a show-off at heart, Dan. :2thumbs: but then that's the nice thing about these bikes; you can't go anywhere that people won't gawk at and ask questions about these bikes of the future. I...
  9. 2015 Spyder F3s SE6 for sale - under warranty and maintenance up to date

    Boy, this is a bumpy road.:agree:
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    I love the responce

    Everywhere I go ppl look and when I stop ppl ask and say good things. Of course I love that and all but I'm really amazed at how many ppl have not seen these bikes before except on tv commercials or...
  11. 2015 Spyder F3s for sale - Two more years under warranty and maintenance up to date

    Seeing is believing - see previous post
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    Decided not to sell

    No one on this web site wants a used Shark Audio sys. so I'll just bump it for now.
  13. Sorry

    I can ship it for about $300 if that helps.
  14. I'm sad to say I'm selling my F3S with lots of extras

    You can see the full ad placed today on the "For Sale" section of this web site.
    Although I havn't had it very long, I have really enjoyed riding it, working on it and buying stuff for it. The last...
  15. 2015 Spyder F3S with extras and low milage

    Hi guys, New Price $14,950
    I'm lowering the price. Also, mileage is 5000 up from 4500 last month when I posted it on Craigslist. Can't stop riding it.
    Extras such as the passenger backrest, a...
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    I just bought my 2015 F3s and it had this beautiful SHARK audio system with button controls on the handlebars and 4 chrome colored speakers. The chrome paint is wearing off a little but they look...
  17. Trailerhitch etc installation

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Did you have any problem removing the axel bolt? Like, did the brake system get out of center with the axel bolt hole and any other similar problems? They failed to send me...
  18. Any complaints about "Trailerhitch etc" and their installation

    I ordered a trailer hitch for my F3s and to my surprise the plates that have to be installed first to carry the hitch arm require the axel bolt to be removed which is no small task plus the thickness...
  19. Thanks for the post

    Your setup is very similar to what I'm looking to do. Where did you get the car top storage thingie? I'm having a hard time finding a used one in decent shape. Also, I like you electric cooler idea.
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    Pictures - Please

    Why don't you guys like adding pictures to your post??? It make a world of difference :mad:;);) Just saying
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    This post is certainly worth recycling for trailer haulers/lovers.

    What bluestratos did in building his trailer is worth showing off to all those who would rather use their talents, time and tools to create usable accessories for the spyderlovers and other bikers....
  22. Thanks - bluestratos' trailer build is what I'm talking about

    ... and making it convertible to pull and be pulled is the way to go - which proves my point on another post I made about using your head instead of your wallet to solve a problem and create more fun...
  23. I was thinking of building a wood (2x4) deck on top of it.

    My F3s bike dimensions are 59"(front) x 8'-8" length. If I don't put any sides on then I won't have to worry about scratching the wheels or fenders. Three steel eye bolts (one at each wheel) from the...
  24. Anyone used a Harb. Freight trailer to haul the Spyder?

    I'm thinking of getting one of those $280(+/-) H.F. trailers and build a deck on it to haul my Spyder around. Anyone have any advise? :dontknow:
  25. Bought my hitch from Trailerhitch, etc. in Canada

    150503150504Their hitch is supported by two fender bolts (2) and the axel bolt (1) which I think is a much better support than just the 2 fender bolts as seen on youtube and its about $150 less. The...
  26. List for $245

    That one on trailer list for $245 but doesn't have the light harness added to it does it? I saw one on Pierre's youtube site for $149 which is perfect for wiring up to the tail light cable...
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    F3S owner here - anxious

    We're looking forward, my wife and I, to your findings. I too agree that the support should come from the main frame is stead of the fender arms like the F3T and RT. Awesome - keep up the good work.
  28. F3s trailer hitch

    BRP Accessories' with Pierre on Youtube shows him installing the hitch and light haness which connects to the wiring under the passenger seat. I'd like to get his after market package but it cost...
  29. "You won't get a hitch from BRP , they don't want...

    "You won't get a hitch from BRP , they don't want you to tow with the F3S. Pierre has them, but they are more than $200."

    I know about Pierre selling them and his web site uses the name of Can...
  30. Can-Am Spyder F3-S Trailer Hitch - Where for less than $200?

    I need a hitch and harness for my F3S. BRP wants $500 plus.:mad: I see it on Amazon for the F3-T and F3-Limited for $181 and the harness is extra. But I can't find it on Amazon or anywhere for the...
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