View Full Version : Event pics & videos - new idea

06-12-2011, 12:20 AM
found out that doing videos is not mine - too much work to cut it and I couldn`t find a good position for the camera like lamont with his trailer ..
in the job they showed me now this new www.stupeflix.com (http://www.stupeflix.com) ..
its simple and easy to understand also I can use it ..;)
so some spy-friends (Dan & Paul from luxembourg - thanks) sent me their pics on a cd-rom in the original size and I created a folder with the best of all .. (hope to get some more from swiss/france ryders ..)
transfered that to the stupeflix-server - decided what effect/music and sent it direct to youtube - or if i want to add/change something just re-open it .. (also video can be added)
would be also possible to send their pics direct to the server - if they would use my stupeflix-code ..just an Idea for your next meetings ? other ideas ?
here is a sample from the Rotax-event - not finished jet