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07-10-2009, 04:36 PM
I am enlisting Spyder Ryders to do a Catoctin Mountains/Gettysburg Battlefield run on Saturday, 15 August; Rain date: Sunday, 16 August.

The run will begin with breakfast at the Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont MD. Then proceed up Route 15 to Mount St Mary's University for a blessing of the Spyders at Mother Seton Shrine. From there we will come back to Thurmont and begin the Catoctin Mountains portion ending back in Emmitsburg MD. From there, we will proceed north to Gettysburg and stop for lunch at General Pickett's Buffet before proceeding into the battlefield itself. At that point the run officially and and the battlefield tour will be "free flow" since everyone will have different interests.

Catoctin Mountain / Gettysburg Battlefield Run

0900 Breakfast; Meet at the Cozy Restaurant,
Thurmont MD Coords 39.6178N 077.415W

Everyone fill up their tanks prior to meeting for breakfast. There should be no rteason to stop for gas during the run.

1000 Begin Cactoctin Mountain Ryde

1.Emmitsburg MD Mount St. Mary’s University
1030 Spyder Blessing @ Mother Seton Shrine, Coords 39.681N 077.355W
2.Sabillasville Road Coords 39.635N 077.411W
3.Foxville Deerfield Road Coords 39.674N 077.455W
4.Foxville MD Coords 39.636N 077.497W
5.Wolfsville MD Coords 39.574N 077.551W
6.Middlepoint MD Coords 39.559N 077.524W
7.Baltimore National Pike Coords 39.509N 077.559W
8.Pleasant Walk MD Coords 39.533N 077.595W
9.Wolfsville MD Coords 39.574N 077.551W
10.Smithsburg MD Coords 39.649N 077.568W
11.Raven Rock Road Coords 39.654N 077.564W
12.MacAfee Hill Road Coords 39.704N 077.486W
13.Fort Ritchie Access Road Coords 39.713N 077.494W
14.Buchanan Trail E / Waynesboro Pike Coords 39.729N 077.473W
15.Emmitsburg MD Coords 39.704N 077.327W
16.Gettysburg PA
17.LUNCH and Battle Theater,
General Pickett's Buffet Coords 39.808N 077.236W
18.Gettysburg Battlefield

Total ryde time: Approx 2.5 hours
Total distance: Approx 80 miles

How many ryders are interested?

07-20-2009, 03:55 PM
Looks like we'll have a nice group on the run so far.

So far, I have the following:
1.05titanle (SpyderTalk)
2.ABN350F (2 bikes)
4.craigclive (SpyderTalk)

I changed the route a bit to allows us to see more of Catoctin Mountain Park

For those with a GPS:
0900 Breakfast at the Cozy Restaurant Coords 39.6178N 077.415W
Thurmont MD
1000 Begin Cactoctin Mountain Ryde

1. Mount St. Mary’s University Coords 39.681N 077.355W
1030 Spyder Blessing @ Mother Seton Shrine
2. Sabillasville Road Coords 39.635N 077.410W
3. Foxville Deerfield Road Coords 39.674N 077.455W
4. Catoctin Mountain Park Road Coords 39.642N 077.467W
5. Catoctin Mountain Park Waypoint Coords 39.652N 077.460W
6. Catoctin Mountain Park Exit Coords 39.645N 077.466W
7. Pleasant Valley Road Coords 39.636N 077.535W
8. Raven Rock Road Coords 39.662N 077.518W
9. Royer Road Coords 39.704N 077.486W
10. Military Road Coords 39.711N 077.482W
11. Hilltop Road Coords 39.719N 077.473W
12. Buchanan Trail E / Waynesboro Pike Coords 39.728N 077.471W
13. Emmitsburg MD Coords 39.702N 077.314W
14. Gettysburg PA Coords 39.817N 077.236W
LUNCH/Battle Theater, Gen Pickett's Buffet
15. Gettysburg Battlefield Coords 39.808N 077.236W

About the same amount of time on the road

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone