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05-13-2017, 07:38 AM
Sorry to hound the forum with peddling my garb but I know how big of an opportunity this would have been for me when I was looking. I'm handicapped and have very limited use/feeling in my feet so this handbrake was necessary for me being able to ride the spyder. Unfortunately I sold my spyder and I removed the handbrake to try and lessen the financial burden of spyder ownership. These are very costly ($1,395 new) but ultra high quality and this is an opportunity to get a used one in excellent condition. I'd love to help a fellow enabled rider get out on the roads and have the experiences my wife and I have had with our Spyder. Again, sorry for hounding here's a link to my ad: http://www.spyderlovers.com/forums/showthread.php?103748-ISCI-handbrake-for-Spyder-ST-for-sale
PM me for details/questions/offers. I'll try to check back often :2thumbs:

05-17-2017, 06:16 PM
sent you a PM.

05-17-2017, 07:40 PM
PM sent

05-19-2017, 10:13 PM
SOLD. Thanks for all that were interested.