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  1. Rated-PG Sex at 79
  2. NSFW Definitely cheaper!
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  8. Rated-PG Baptismal Service
  9. Rated-PG A few to, hopefully, make you laugh
  10. Rated-PG Pigs
  11. Rated-PG Joke Forum Rules - Read them or be removed!
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  20. Rated-PG The best a ma'am can get....
  21. Rated-PG Well, not yet
  22. Rated-PG Therapy
  23. Rated-PG The Irish Divorce
  24. NSFW What do you call a hooker with a runny nose???
  25. Rated-PG The 2018 Darwin Awards
  26. Rated-PG Lamaze Class
  27. Rated-PG Consider this before you program your GPS
  28. Rated-PG Do you know this fellow?
  29. Rated-PG A Guy Walks Into A Bar With A Monkey
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  40. Rated-PG The Government Shutdown.
  41. Rated-PG Birth Control
  42. Rated-PG An IIllustration Of The Aging Process
  43. Rated-PG For Anyone Who Has Had A Dog Or A Cat
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