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    Question Trailer hitch for RS/GS.

    I am considering adding a hitch to my '09 RS. I assume the hitch for the RT from BRP will not work and don't see any listing in the BRP accessory catalog for a hitch for the RS. My former dealer mentioned that any hitch installed that was not an authorized BRP product would void the warranty and I don't want to go there. I also don't like the idea of mounting a hitch on the swing arm as I can see a potential for problems there. I have the BRP/Givi saddlebags installed and wonder if that could cause and install problem for a hitch. Anyone have any info about a none BRP hitch voiding the warranty and experience with hitch installation on an RS?

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    If you do a search you'll find info you need. Non-genuine items void warranty ONLY if they are the cause of a failure.

    Below is a link to Oz Spyder Ryders - an interesting read as CustromKen represents BRP Aust.
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    The RT hitch will work fine, but the wiring harness will not. You cannot purchase them separately anyway. There are also frame mounted hitches, such as Bushtec, available. The RT hitch disconnects quickly, leaving no trace (except the wiring), so you could obtain service without questions being asked. Installing a hitch will not, in itself, void the warranty. Doing so is illegal under US law. It might void part of the warranty if you had a proven, related failure...which they could easily stretch to include rear bearings, wiring issues, or possibly even engine, clutch, or transmission problems. That would mostly depend on the nature of the failure...and the nature of the dealer. Sounds like you are already a loser on the dealer end. No motorcycles/Spyders are certified for trailer use except the Spyder RT, BTW, yet trailer use is common.
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    Several on this site have gone to the Bustec hitch, for their RS. They are a sponsor of this site. Do a search of their web site and they do have a rep. located 60 miles south of you at Seymour, IN

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