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    Default Does a sighting by the wife count?

    As I am ryding home from the store on the three-wheeled grocery-getter, I get a phone call from the wife. "Why didn't you pull into the driveway?" Me: "Because I am 8 miles from the house and crossing the river!" Her: "Oh, $^!t, there is another Pearl White RTL that just passed the house. Guess you have a twin now."

    Sighting by the wife - about 4P on MD Rt. 331.

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    Default Maroon RT

    Saw a maroon rt in Rose City Michigan around 7:30pm

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    Default First sighting Green and Black F3

    Spotted the first Spyder I've seen since adopting mine last month.
    Green and black F3 heading northbound on US 69 highway just north of the Prescott, KS exit in Linn County around 7:00 pm. I was so surprised to see it, that I didn't catch if it was an F3 or an F3T. Running the behind a HD cruiser (I am fairly certain it was an HD). Rider was wearing a helmet and shorts.
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