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    Default F3-T Spotify question


    I'm wondering if I can play Spotify and Google Maps via bluetooth while it's plugged in and charging


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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiebrown View Post

    I'm wondering if I can play Spotify and Google Maps via bluetooth while it's plugged in and charging

    I don't know what year your F3-T is but mine is a 2017. The 2017 does not have a dedicated BT connection, but I bought this :

    Mpow Bluetooth Receiver, Portable...

    It works great. You power it through the existing USB plug that's in the front compartment, so you may need an additional power source for your phone. You then plug the aux cable (that's also in the front compartment) into it and you can listen to whatever is coming out of your phone. Just connect the phone to this receiver via BT and they choose auxiliary on the Spyders audio setting
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    Default What year?

    I have a 2016 F3L and have my iPhone plugged into the USB connector in the glove box and it plays anything from my phone - Google Maps directions, music from Pandora, etc. If you want to do the same with a non-iPhone device you would need to create a bluetooth connection which is easily accomplished by purchasing a cheap BT transmitter and putting it in the glove box or some other location.
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    Default Spotify and MyRouteApp Navi


    That's what I'm using.

    If you look at post #3 in this link

    you will see how I'm using it.

    I pass a USB cable from the inside of the glove box to my handlebar and i'm using an x-Grip Ram mount for my phone.

    I'm listening to Spotify and I'm also using my iPhone for navigation.

    That way, you can also Play/Pause your Spotify with the control on the handle by just changing the source from USB to something else will automatically Pause Spotify and when you go back to USB mode, it will Play again.

    No need for bluetooth and the phone is always charging.
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