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    Default Sway bar question

    Iím new here and to the spyder world, my question is how do you know if you have a factory sway bar or if itís been upgraded. I recently bought a 2011 rss and seen that the sway bar is bright red, I didnít know if it was factory or if the person I got it from had changed it
    any advise would be appreciated.

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    Default Welcome, welcome 👍

    The earlier bars from BajaRon were red. I have the red one on my 2012 RS you can also check and see if the Hiem joints have been changed to the metal ones rather than the composite ones used by BRP. BajaRon now sell them as a kit and if you have metal ones then for sure the whole set up has been done...
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    Hi Wayne,

    Re: how do you know if you have a factory sway bar or if itís been upgraded.

    One way is to measure the diameter. It only takes a good set of calipers.

    I don't know the numbers but if you were to post them here, I am sure BajaRon would respond.

    Jerry Baumchen

    PS) And, as Gene mentioned, the early ones were red. I bought mine 4 yrs ago & it is black.
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    I have a 2008GS, and I installed a sway bar that was red, and it wasn't Ron's because he didn't have sway bars at the time. It was an Evoluzione.

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    I put a "Ron Bar" on. my '11RS and it was reds did not get the helm links(sold separately). I traded it at Velocity Powersports in '15 when I got my '15 RT
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