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    Default 2013 ST-S. SM5 with 2014 side panels and lots of add-ons. Ready for long touring

    I am being forced to sell due to medical issues.
    This decision does not come easily as I have ridden 13,000 miles of smiles.
    The bike is a 2013 ST-S. SM5 with 2014 side panels for heat reduction
    2 year transferrable BEST warrantee good thru June 2019
    New General Altimax Rear tire, installed by Netzley at SpyderQuest 2017 in Lake George
    Laser aligned at SpyderQuest 2017
    MC Dave gel seat pad
    Cree LED fog Lights mounted on the A arm
    Lamonster LED Headlights
    Spyder Pops bump skid
    TricLED lights in the front fenders
    TricLED wide vue mirrors
    TomTom XXL GPS with custom mount
    2 port usb charger with voltmeter in switch center panel
    12V port in the frunk and 12V switched port for heated gear at center panel
    New OEM heated grips that are in a box waiting for installation
    BajaRon sway bar
    Elka stage 2 springs and front shocks

    OEM Stock Cruise control
    Sport rack on the back with custom removable tail bag
    Freeway Blaster horn
    OEM trailer hitch with wiring for square 4 and adapter for flat 4 connection
    OEM saddle bags with added LED lights and turn signals
    Frunk soft carry bag
    Can-Am 219400098 Grey Rolling Travel Bag
    Repair manual on DVD disk
    SZ 13 Riding boots, XXL Modular helmet and 3XL 3 Season Jacket
    Sena SM10 communicator
    Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Ready to ride.
    $11,000 OBO Pictures upon request.
    David C
    2013 ST-S Circuit Yellow

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    Sorry to hear I have enjoyed reading some of your farkle mods hopefully your issue is only temporary & you heal/recover well enough to enjoy again.
    Last edited by Bfromla; 01-14-2018 at 02:41 AM.

    SmoothSpyder dualmode back rest
    Tricled foam grip covers, Tricrings, FenderZ &brake light strips.
    Rivco SOMA (Stay Off My A**) brake leds
    Lid lox
    sawblade mowhalk fender accents
    minispyder dash toy
    FLO (Frunk Lid Organizer)BRP trailer hitch & 622 trailer (with its own list: Spyderpops Lighted Rear Bumpskid, LineX protection on sides, led trim lighting amber front& red rear, stand& tongue handle)THX Cruzr Joe!
    (pics in album)
    looking for next FARKLE!

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