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    Default 2013 Spyder St Limited panel recall.

    I bought a 2013 Spyder St Limited in late 2014. I did not receive a recall notice about the hot panels. Long story, short version. They will be replacing the panels with the new panels. Can't wait to get it done sometime in the next few weeks. No cost to me as the recall notice said. I like the looks of the new panels so for me look a lot better than the stock ones. So if any of you 2013 Spyder St Limited have not done this recall in is not to late. You all ryde safe.
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    Default Congrats....

    Glad your getting it done. You will be happy you did...
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    Part numbers ? please I've found few pics of the differences but not the actual numbers.
    (I'm sure there is a different 1 for every paint job too

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