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    Quote Originally Posted by akspyderman View Post
    Those surgery videos now leave nothing to the imagination. I watched plenty of hip surgery videos prior to my procedure. Glad that they used good drugs before, no worries going in.

    I've had both hernia repair and hip replacement and I'm VERY glad I didn't watch surgery videos before either procedure. Some things are best left to the imagination, and both were generally beyond my imagination thankfully. In each case I was given very good drugs and appreciated it!

    And as others have said, sleeping in a recliner does make things quite a bit easier - for hernia and especially hip replacement. The "getting into" part of a bed isn't too uncomfortable but the "getting out" part can be very memorable - and it's a memory that doesn't fade quickly.
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    Best of luck,nothing to it.Had hernia surgery in the spring.Was back riding in 2 weeks and never took a pain pill.Just can't do any lifting for awhile.

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    Good luck. I had that surgery in November 2016 and no problems till today. I have other pains and problems but that disappeared.
    You were very kind to me during that period and learned a lot from the Spyder on my rehabilitation time.

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