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    Quote Originally Posted by loisk View Post
    Our dmv, VicRoads, calls it a Tri-Car - but we need full motorcycle license to ride it.

    There is no logic...

    Here in the States we used to have car-like pickup trucks called El Camino's and Ranchero's. Some people called them cartrucks. Or how about a sliding glass door in your house? Normally they are called either sliding doors (duh) or patio doors (because that is where they usually lead). But some people call them.....wait for it......doorwalls.

    I think most of those people work at the DMV.

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    In Australia, we generally call those 'car-like pickup trucks' Utes, or a Utility, or some (few?) back country types even call them 'tilleys (altho not as many these days as there used to be!)

    The original concept converted a 2 or 4 door passenger car into a 2 door tub back utility vehicle with the tub panels merging seamlessly into the panels of the front passenger section.... apparently an Aussie innovation from the early 1930's, as opposed to the separate panel construction of the Pick-up trucks more common in the US.

    Over time, the term 'Ute' in this country has expanded to include any 2 or 4 door basically passenger derived vehicle with an integrated tub or tray cargo section on the back; so these days, most of our smallish tub-back or tray-top vehicles are called utes too! That means we've got Work utes, Sports utes, Off-road or 4WD utes, as well as Single Cab, Extra Cab, & Dual Cab utes, & we've even got a hotly contended national V8 Ute Racing Category too!! Basically, if it looks like it might be based on or derived from a car, wagon, or a light truck & it's got a tub or tray back, then here in Aus, it's a Ute!

    But when it comes to Spyders, Victoria is our only State to categorise them as Tri-cars & yet still require a motorcycle licence to operate one?!? Not that some of the other States don't have odd names, definitions, or requirements, but they all agree that a Spyder is a motorcycle of some sort! Still, I'm pretty sure that we have many of the same 'special' type of people working in our DMV's as you do, but thankfully, we've also got a fair few dedicated & helpful people too!!
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