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    Default Did You Know ........

    Things i learned and wanted to pass on......

    1) The Wheels & Tires from a BRP RT-622 Trailer are interchangeable with the BRP Freedom Trailer.

    2) A 13/16 Thin Walled Spark Plug Socket will fit the lugnuts of the Spyder and the BRP trailers.

    3) The recommended Torque on the front wheels of a spyder is 78 - 80 Lbs.

    4) The first thing BRP Roadside Assistance will ask you for is your Spyder Serial (VIN) Number, and then your Lic Plate # and State that issued it.

    5) Only use DOT 4 Brake Fluid.

    6) When disconnecting your Battery always remove the BLACK (-) cable first and replace it last.

    7) Premium Fuel is recommended for your Spyder.

    8) If your brakes make your Spyder Wander when heavily braking, try this, loosen both front tires and re torque them to between 78 & 80 foot lbs.

    9) let your oil get up to normal operating temperature (15 minute ride) before you check it.

    10) There are spare blade fuses in the fuse box covers.

    11) If you leave your raingear at home ................ It will rain.

    That's all i know that i wanted to pass on.

    Cruzr Joe
    2018 F3 Limited, BRP Driver Backrest, Spyderpops Lighted Bump Skid, Dual Spyclops Light, Mirror Turn Signals, Laser Alignment, Engine LEDs, Fog Lights With Halo's, Cushion Handgrips, BRT LEDs, and Under Lighting, Lamonster IPS, (with Clock), F4 25" Vented Windshield, Airhawk "R" Cushions. Position 4 Brake setting, Short reach Handlebars, Dash Mounted Voltmeter and 12 Volt Plug. Set of 3rd pegs. Extended Passenger Seat. Exterior BRP Connect setup

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    A genius compilation of possibly disputable content, except for number 11!

    U.S. Army Viet Nam Era Vet
    2013 Spyder RT-L, Black Currant
    Trunk mount dual SS flag holder
    TricLed foam hand grips (awesome)
    Chromed Soaring Eagle License Holder
    Utopia Deluxe driver backrest
    LED fender lighting
    Fast Flash LED brake light
    Spyder Pops LED/skid plate

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    A great Tuesday PM read. As usual, thanks Joe.

    Currently Owned: 2011 RT A&C SE5 (magnesium), 2014 RTS-SE6 (yellow), 2015 Vulcan 900 LTD

    Previously : 2008 GS-SM5 (silver), 2009 RS-SE5 (red), 2010 RT-S Premier Editon #474 (black) Pictures of 2008 and 2009 Spyders are in Alaska Albums 2009 and 2010.
    5 Spyders, 9 years, 139,000 miles, 5 Spyder miles per post.

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    Joe knows...

    He's even got the shirt to prove it!

    Joe Knows.jpg
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    If my Ass is in the saddle: my head is in the clouds!

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    Thumbs up Thanks!!

    Thanks Joe!!
    Kaos----- Gone but not forgotten.

    2014 RTS in circuit yellow, farkeling addiction down to once every few months.

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    Default Thanks....

    All good points to remember...
    Gene and Ilana De Laney
    Mt. Helix, California

    ​2012 RS sm5

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